Billing & Invoice Q&A

What is the Cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy depends on your contract with HIJiffy. 

In most cases, you can cancel your subscription one month before the renewal day. 

Our finance team sends an email one month before the renewal of the subscription, as a reminder.  

If you have any questions about your billing, contact our Finance team (

Is the pricing per property?

No, the pricing is done by number of rooms. There is a price per room, according to the subscription you belong to. 

You can have access to our prices plans here 

To know to which plan you belong to, access your "Billing" area in the HiJiffy console

What is the difference between a yearly and a monthly plan?

Subscribing to a yearly plan means that you make only one payment for the whole year (12 calendar months) upfront.

With the monthly plan subscription, you pay a fee for our service every month with a price increase. 

When do I start getting charged for the solution?

You start getting charged for the solution in the moment that the Customer Success has done the onboarding session and you have the accesses to the HiJiffy console (unless agreed otherwise in the contract)

If you are in the "Premium" subscription, you can be charged for the chatbots in different times, as usually the Pre-Stay solution as an easier setup than the In-Stay soluton (WhatsApp). In this case, your account manager will see with you how you want to manage both of the solutions setup (separately or at the same time)

For further questions, contact your account manager