What is Aplysia?

The most advanced conversational AI self-learning specialized in Hospitality


What is a chatbot and how does it work?

A chatbot is an artificially intelligent programme capable of having a conversation with a human, thanks to the latest advances in AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The chatbots do not have all the knowledge and, sometimes, they do not understand words or certain specific linguistic expressions because it simply had no chance to learn them yet. 

These models have to be continuosly trained to develop and grow over time. Often, these training sessions are run by a human without supervision and without verification of how the model will react. If it is poorly taught or is not instructed on how to do its job correctly, it will make mistakes. 

Without thorough training and testing, the models will likely have the following issues and challenges:

  • Lack of knowledge of words, phrases, and expressions:

There are millions of expressions, words, and phrases with various purposes throughout the world, and this is also established inside each dialect. This can lead to the chatbot occasionally lacking information and giving the wrong answer to the user’s questions.

  • Overlap in topic identification (confused topics):

If the model has not been fed sufficient information necessary for distinguishing between similar topics, it can incorrectly interpret the topics and offer confusing answers.

  • Reduced level of accuracy in the required answers.

The chatbot’s accuracy determines its success rate and directly impacts the chatbot’s automation capabilities.

How does AI self-learning work?

HiJiffy created a self-learning tool for conversational AI as part of the Aplysia OS. In other words, our technology can learn new topics, expressions, phrases, and words to address the previously presented issues.

Thanks to its self-learning capacity, HiJiffy’s AI can use customer feedback to understand incorrectly identified terms and expressions. It can adapt its model to better differentiate among already-existing topics in its model and ultimately improve the accuracy of its answers by reducing the error rate. 

This self-learning system is based on the feedback of our clients

Hotel staff can report sentences from real conversations with their guests when they feel the AI did not provide the best answer.

All feedback is welcome and used to make our model even better - cto ontinuously improve our conversational AI model to give the most accurate answer possible to our client’s guests

HiJiffy developed a self-learning tool that checks whether the cases reported by the clients have been correctly registered.

It will also test and measure the impact of training with these sentences on improving our model knowledge.

This tool will provide specific metrics and decide which cases should be changed and which should not, taking into account AI mechanisms and machine learning.

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