In-Stay Solution: Set Up

  • Our WhatsApp AI-powered solution requires a special setup from our side, as we are dependent on third parties such as our providers and information from your PMS.
  • Your onboarding specialist will take ownership in the set up, by guiding you on the different steps that are required to complete the set up successfully. 

Note: It is very important to keep your CS Manager posted on the different steps that have been completed in order to keep moving on with the process

Setup process: 

1. Buy / Transfer Whatsapp Number(s)

2. Integrate with your PMS / Configure CSV FIle 

PMS Integration

If we already have an integrations with your PMS / CRM, to obtain the information about the reservations of your hotel(s), we will ask you for the information that our development team will need to do the connection

CSV Configuration

If we do not have an integration with your PMS / CRM, we will request you to configure a CSV file. 

Follow the steps written here. 

3. WhatsApp Campaigns approval 

Meanwhile we are waiting for the WhatsApp number approval, your onboarding specialist will send you the campaigns that we usually send by default to the guests to start an interaction. The objective is for you to approve it or make any changes if you wish. 

Usually these campaigns are: 

- Check-in (sent one day prior to arrival): usually includes the online check-in form to antecipate the guest arrival

- Check-out (sent one day prior to departure)

- Feedback (sent on the day of check-out): usually includes a link to TripAdvisor for guests to share their experience

Note: All of the first interactions from the hotel to the guest need to be approved by WhatsApp (to avoid spam messages)

Click here to see our suggestions for the WhatsApp Campaigns.

4. Setup the solution

Once the WhatsApp number is approved, the WhatsApp campaigns have been approved by you and WhatsApp and we obtain the information needed from your PMS / CRM, we will start setting up the solution in our HiJiffy console.

5. Onboarding Session 

Finally, once the set up is complete, your CS Manager will send you his/her availability to book a 30 minute training session to explain you how the solution works.